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Mobility Extension

Become perfectly mobile

What is Mobility Extension?

The Mobility Extension (ME) is a device that helps connect any end user's mobile phone to your PBX as a standard office extension. It allows you to use PBX functions even if you are working out of your office. It is a complementary product to any PBX connectable to the internal side via analogue extension lines of the PBX.

How does ME work?

When you are calling someone's fixed office line, his or her mobile phone is ringing simultaneously. The call can be answered on either line depending on the user's location (the user answers the fixed line in the office and the mobile phone out of the office). Up to 48 users can have the ability to use their mobile GSM phone as a mobility extension off their PABX.

Added Value

While calling from your mobile phone through the ME you can make use of all company PBX functions (Redirecting, Voicemail, etc.). Despite being a mobile user you appear as a normal extension to the other users of your PBX. This means that they can use any standard PBX service without knowing that they are calling through the ME. In addition to making calls to internal extensions you can reduce your international call costs from mobiles by making these calls via the PBX regardless of where you are calling from.

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