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Telephone Systems - Installation and Services

Managed Service

Are you getting the most from your telephone system?

Teltech are business telephone specialists.
We offer specialist support for Nortel Networks Meridian 1, Succession, CS1000, Norstar & BCM.

Your most important business tool

It's only too easy to overlook the vital role your telephone system plays in the running of your business.

How many sales enquiries could you be missing? You may never know. How many customers went to a competitor because your lines were engaged or they couldn't leave a message? Again you may never know.

Are your staff happy with the system? How much time are they spending trying to understand the voice mail, call transferring or other telephone functions?
Do you recognise the full capability of your system? Is it up to date with the latest technological developments?
In our experience most telephone systems are either under-utilised or cause more problems and overheads than they should.
The telephone is no longer the simple device for making or receiving calls. Today it is the most important tool in building and maintaining relationships with your customers and suppliers.

To manage, operate and maintain a multi function network requires a major commitment of time and resources.

A professional out-sourced telephone service can take the burden off your shoulders and leave you free to concentrate on your core business.

How Teltech can help

Teltech specialises in business telephone systems.

Our principle aims are to help you get the most use and the most value from your system and to ensure it's smooth running.

We have over twenty years experience of the telecommunications and IT industry and have designed, built and operated a whole range of networks.

Our approach is to offer an initial, free, consultation and fact-finding meeting to assess your needs. We then prepare a bespoke proposal to meet your specific needs.

Your telephone is at the heart of your business - It's your direct route to your customers and suppliers..

Managed Services

Our managed services offer a completely fresh approach and are aimed at taking the problems and the hassle away from you and helping your business work more efficiently.

We specialise in support for the Meridian 1, Succession, CS1000 and BCM (Business Communications Manager) telephone systems from Nortel Networks (or BT), the leading PABX manufacturers.

Our managed services include:

  • Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Remote monitoring/surveillance
  • Call logging services
  • Disaster recovery
  • Help desk and reporting
  • Guaranteed service levels (SLA)
  • Security and standards

We pride ourselves on becoming an integral part of your business, providing you with a continuous service. The emphasis is on service.

The benefits to you

Out-sourcing your telephone operation to Teltech will bring you many significant benefits. Some of them may not be immediately obvious.

A worry-free telephone system

You will no longer need to lie awake worrying about lost sales calls or malfunction.

Cost saving

When your system is operating as you want it to and you do not have to divert valuable internal resources to maintaining it, you'll soon start saving and benefiting.

Improved customer communications

You and your customers will quickly notice how much more efficiently and courteously outbound and inbound calls are handled.


Using Teltech would mean having a resource dedicated to supporting your telephone system rather than a part-time one distracted by other functions or an ad hoc one from other service providers.

Happier staff

As your staff become confident they can rely on their telephones to do what they require, they'll become more productive.

Improved business performance

Because your telephone system is so important to the running of your business, the whole organisation will perform better when it is operating as it should.

Predictable costs

With our managed services you can budget with fixed costs.

Bespoke service

Teltech's services are not off the shelf. You get what is right for you.

Round the clock cover

We're on call any time of day or night throughout the year.

Effectively in-house

Teltech's managed services will effectively provide you with your own in-house technical expertise.

Frequently asked questions

Q. My system seems fine; do I need outside help?
A. More than likely you are using only a fraction of your system's capability. We'll show you how to get a better service and improve your business's performance.

Q. Is Teltech's service one-off or on going?
A. We will provide you with the service best suited to you; either managed or ad hoc.

Q. Voicemail is vital to us. Can you help?
A. Yes. Teltech's services cover everything to do with telephones, including voicemail.

Q. What is the risk to me?
A. When you see the benefits we offer you'll probably agree there is more risk in not out-sourcing. If you are uncertain about out-sourcing, we'll offer you a trial so you can experience the benefits.

Q. Our current service provider is fine; why change?
A. You have nothing to lose by having a free consultation with us. We are as confident as we can be that we can improve on your current service.

Q. Won't this cost us more than we're currently paying?
A. Chances are it's currently costing you more in terms staff time and training and in emergency repairs than our services will cost. Also, we will help you become more productive.

Q. Can Teltech set up the system for a call centre?
A. Yes. We'll propose the most suitable call handling procedure and style for your needs.

Q. Do Teltech provide solutions for call logging and detail recording?
A. Yes. We can provide call logging solutions on a supply only or a managed basis.

In summary

Teltech is a company committed to the supply, installation and maintenance of competitively priced telephone and communication systems for business users with the optimum level of "customer first" service.

To ensure that we, at Teltech, serve our customers efficiently and to a recognized standard, we have obtained accreditation in ISO 9001-2000 for the Installation and Maintenance of Telecommunications Network Systems and Equipment.

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