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Call Recording

Our Call Recording product range meets all your requirements. Even our cost effective entry level solutions tick all of the compliance boxes including high level encryption and provide industry leading features and functionality. Whatever your call recording needs we have solutions that will meet your expectations. Whether you need to record and playback calls for training or for regulatory compliance we can provide call recording for your business.

From analogue, ISDN and SIP, we work with all technologies in any combination and depending on the size of your organisation, we can provide simple USB based client\server solutions through to full turn-key systems that will record tens of thousands of calls per day and manage storage and retrieval with the minimum of fuss.

We understand that organisations who have CRM systems in place want to see maximum returns on those investments. Our integrated solutions will interface with your CRM system and your PBX, allowing call information and recordings to be accessible from your existing applications. Our application and database specialists are on hand to provide all of the necessary support.

We have a range of solutions to match any customer requirement for Call Recording:

  • Stand alone recorder
  • Integrated recorder

There are two deployment methods:

  • USB devices
  • PCI/PCIe cards

We can use a customer supplied PC, or provide a full turn-key rack-mounted solution supporting from 8 to 2400 ISDN30 channels.

Common features across the range:

  • Analogue, ISDN2 (BRI), ISDN30 (PRI) and SIP call recording
  • Call encryption
  • FSA compliant
  • PCI DSS compliant allowing you to take credit card payments by phone
  • Call finder using D-Channel (date, time, DDI, CLI, Channel)
  • With integration to phone system we can also search on extension, account code and more.
  • Call scoring
  • Call tagging/notation
  • Extension tagging
  • Playback audit trail
  • Live dashboard with trunk/ddi info.
  • Start/Stop and Pause using DTMF
  • 1 year support included

Additional features available:

  • CTI integration
  • Database integration
  • Advanced call scoring

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